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Criminal Defense

Altman & Witt will find solutions in cases where others see problems. Our main areas of focus include Automobile Accident and Personal Injury.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Washington

Being arrested or charged with a crime does not mean that you are convicted or have been found guilty. 

In fact, you are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.  To prove an individual guilty, the prosecuting attorney must prove each and every element of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt.  Beyond a reasonable doubt is a much higher standard than what is required for the initial arrest or charging. Do not do the prosecution’s job for them by walking in to court and pleading guilty. 

The attorneys at Altman & Witt aim to prevent a conviction from appearing on your record. We are interested not just in reducing the immediate consequences and stress that a criminal accusation can bring – we are equally interested in mitigating any long-term impact that can affect a person months and years later. 

We want to help you return to a normal, successful life.

Most crimes carry with them the real possibility of jail time.  Some crimes even have mandatory jail time.  We understand that each client has a life and a family outside of their legal issues.  Most want more than anything for the stress and burden to go away so that they can return to their normal way of life.  We have successfully guided thousands of people through this process and brought them from hopelessness to a clear path back to a successful life.        

Even with all the rights afforded to a person accused of a crime, the process is still weighted heavily against them.  Once a person is “before the court,” they become subject to that court’s conditions.  That can be anything from cumbersome conditions of release, fines, restitution, probation and other court-imposed sanctions.  We are there with you from the beginning.  Our intent is to get you through the process as painlessly as possible and with the least amount of negative consequences.        

Altman & Witt criminal defense attorneys are passionate about your case. 

You are not a number or a case on an assembly line.  We develop a relationship with each client so that we can better convey your theory and defenses to the court and prosecution.  We don’t take no for an answer.  The attorneys in this firm have a reputation for not backing down when a case gets tough.

We will always speak to an individual charged with a crime at no cost.  Call our offices in Tacoma (253) 761-1000 or Bremerton (360) 377-7000, for a free consultation, or click here for our online contact form. Court can be scary, but it can be easier with the right representation.   

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