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Wake and Bake? Washington's Legal Marijuana Laws Take the Cake.

by Altman & Witt

Wake and Bake?  Need an Attorney? 

In Washington State, weed is legal but it is as regulated as ever. With the legalization of marijuana, the Washington State Patrol has tripled the number of “DRE’S”, or Drug Recognition Experts.  And amazingly, after several hours of education on marijuana detection, these Troopers seem to believe that they are medical doctors.  Normal traffic stops are frequently turning into DUI’s.  If you hesitate on answering their probing questions, prepare yourself for a Judge to sign a warrant for you to get poked by a needle.  Does it still sound like marijuana is legal?

We Will Talk to You, Free of Charge.

People are confused as to why they are in trouble, as to why the State is labeling them as criminals.  Marijuana is legal, or so they thought.  People of all walks get caught up in this trap. We gladly offer free consultations to people accused of crimes or infractions that involve marijuana.

We Fight Your Marijuana Case for You. 

The Law Office of Altman & Witt offers free consultations on all criminal defense cases and Marijuana cases.    No case is too small for our office to allocate the appropriate amount of attention to it. We have offices in Tacoma and Bremerton where we can meet in person to discuss your case.  We handle cases in Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston and Jefferson Counties.  Mike Altman and Ryan Witt are the attorneys and they are assisted by a very competent staff of paralegals. Typically we are also available afterhours for phone consultations.  Do not go to Court alone and unrepresented for your arraignment!  You can see us on line at www.altmanwitt.com.  Or CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our highly skilled attorneys today.  

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